Brief History

The Beaumaris Football Club was formed at a meeting held at the Beaumaris RSL Club in August 1962 and was attended mainly by ex-servicemen who had moved into this largely undeveloped area with their young families. An inaugural committee was formed on September 9th and on Sunday, October 7th, boys, footballers and parents interested in establishing a football club were invited to a meeting.

The Club's first committee was elected at this meeting and several members served for a long period. Their greatest legacy was to inculcate the club with their strong family values and extremely high level of integrity. The philosophy was to look after the sporting and character development of the youngsters and that the Seniors were there to provide a well-managed recreational outlet after they left junior ranks. The Club motto also originated in these formative years:

"Humble in Victory, Gracious in Defeat"

The club commenced operations in 1963 with U/13,U15 and U/17 teams and one Senior team and this coincided with the formation of the South East Suburban Football League. Junior football quickly boomed in this area with local teams consistently producing players for Sandringham, St Kilda and Melbourne.

Our proud tradition of producing AFL footballers reached its peak at the 1999 National Draft when five former under-age Beaumaris players were selected by AFL clubs - an Australian record for a club of our type and size.

For our juniors we make sure football is an enjoyable experience and each individual is given the opportunity to develop his full potential. We encourage team values and family involvement and eschew the "win at all costs" mentality seen at some junior clubs.

senior side of our club has always been run as virtually an Amateur organisation with the first nine years of the club operated by completely unpaid volunteers,including coaches. We won two senior premierships in those early years (1965 and 1970) with very young sides. A reserves team was introduced in 1966.

By the 1980's we had established ourselves as a strong first division club in the SESFL, due mainly to former players returning from Sandringham, but football at our level was being rapidly transformed by the dreaded money disease and our competition was soon to be afflicted. During the early 80's the SESFL merged with the South East Suburban Churches competition to become the Southern Football League.

In 1995 the Beaumaris Football Club joined the Victorian Football Association (VAFA) commencing in E Grade and advancing quickly to B Grade, collecting premierships in 1995 and 1997. Our teams have consistently been made up of youngsters as our juniors continue to be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.