Club President Announces Donations Program

A Message from The Club President Terry Lucas

Dear BFC supporter, parent, past player or official,


You will see from the exciting start to the 2019 season from all our Senior teams there is some wonderful momentum at the Club at present that your Committee would like to maintain and enhance to the utmost.

The BFC is introducing a donor program which will be a key financial source to the Club as it will underwrite our ability to compete in what is becoming a more competitive and resource heavy competition. The Donor Program is especially important this year to complement the BSC in start up, which will not yield for the time being to the full extent we would ordinarily require or expect.

In anticipation we greatly appreciate the financial contributions our past players and officials, parents and supporters will make via the BFC’s giving program.

You will receive correspondence from the BFC and you can be assured that all monies raised go directly to supporting the operations of the BFC. Donations can be made here via the BFC website link or the Donations Flyer attached.

We understand that many of our supporters and past players and officials have varied commitments and as such any amount you can spare would be greatly appreciated. By making a donation to the Club this is the one way that all supporters and past players and official can reinvest in the future of the BFC that gave them all such great joy and ensure that we continue to grow our great Club and invest in our players. We thanks and acknowledge the financial support of all donors and look forward to your assistance in 2019.

Thank you for your ongoing assistance with the BFC. Fins up!

Terry Lucas
President - BFC