Thick & Thin - Mental Health First Aid

VAFA is running a program to raise awareness for Mental Heath Issues called 'Thick & Thin' and we are looking for two reps from the club to attend a seminar on Sunday June 30th: VAFA HQ 8.30am – 12.00pm

This is a great chance to show our support for a cause that is connecting clubs to extremely important mental health strategies.

Along with accreditation and training that will equip you with processes and strategies in approaching challenging mental health issues at our football club, it is also a wonderful chance for VAFA club representatives to get together and discuss the creation and continuation of positive and inclusive community hubs.

If you are interested in attending the seminar and receiving due accreditation contact Tracey Francis:

The Club will fund the cost of attending the program. Mental Health Education Group (MHEG) will run your session. This four hour training program has received universal appreciation from all who have attended.

On May 18th we will #tapeupforyourmates with two stripes of blue tape on each player, official and any keen supporter’s right wrist during all games. What this represents is the BFC's commitment to a societal issue that has affected us all, whether directly or indirectly.