Junior Girls Enjoying Beauy Sec

A welcome addition to our 'home' grounds this season is Beaumaris Secondary College where our girls teams have been playing a significant number of games.

This has been tremendous for the club, which has to allocate HOME grounds each week for up to 20 games on a Sunday. This coming Sunday we will be responsible for 19 home games - spread out over Oak St, Donald McDonald, Jack Barker and Beauy Sec.

The Girls teams who play at Beauy Sec are enjoying the facilities and the fantastic surface. This Sunday we have 5 games there starting at 8:45am. Come down, check it out and cheer on our girls. 

On the subject of the Girls, two of our U16s recently played their 50th games for the club - Emma Hall and Ash Rundmann. They also found a new way of running through the banner - throw yourself at it!

Congratulations Ash and Emma.

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Go Sharks!