Under 11s Look to the Future

The transition from U10s to U11s can be a vexing proposition for young players, their parents and certainly the club. Things like grading, ladders, wins and losses all come into play.

We've held the belief at the BFC that player enjoyment and player participation should be paramount, certainly at that age. If a young boy or girl is enjoying footy within that age group, then that will sustain itself and continue well into the teen years.

Having great Coaches can certainly make that possible and with Lachlan Oakley, Paul Dooley and Nick Hamshare along with Age Group Co-ordinator Tim Holt we reckon we've got it spot on.

You won't meet 4 more passionate guys when it come to talking up their teams. 'Shark of the Month' is a great example. Throw in Team Managers Sam Rawlings, Carli Holt, Ingrid Edel and Liza Thompson and its a very strong mix of dedicated BFC people.

Lets not forget the boys in these three teams and the energy and effort they put in every week.

Something to be very proud of if your associated with these boys and their teams.

Here's to our Under 11s, three more Junior 'Teams of the Week'

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Go Sharks!