'Towards Zero' Round Aug 3

Tomorrow is the TAC 'Towards Zero' round for all VAFA clubs. Consequently all Senior team Captains will be wearing an honorary 'zero' number.

Last night our Captain Matt Petering was presented with his 'zero' jumper. We reckon it looks pretty sharp. You can check out Matt and his zero jumper at Oak St tomorrow (Saturday 3rd), when Matt and his Beauy Seniors take on Old Scotch in a crucial 2nd Versus 4th blockbuster.

The TAC focuses on encouraging the community to understand the Towards Zero message – that Victoria is aiming to have ZERO deaths or serious injuries on our roads.

For more information on Towards Zero, visit www.towardszero.vic.gov.au.

If you haven't checked out the Senior girls 'Towards Zero' video message, Click Here.

Go Sharks!

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