Danny Kelly Inducted as a Life Member

Last Saturday night Danny Kelly was rewarded with BFC Life Membership for 20+ Years of outstanding service to the Beaumaris Football Club.

Not too many people can boast the sort of record and achievements Danny Kelly has chalked up in over 20 years of service to the club.

The scope of Danny's involvement and service includes the following:

> 20 years Junior coaching (including 3 Div 1 Premierships) 
> Property management and retention 
> Junior coaching coordinator
> Development of individual player records
> Club history data maintenance (with Ian Millar)
> Club Website developer (with Ian Millar)
> Senior & Junior Committeeman

In addition, Danny acted as the SMJFL’s Under 14 Interleague Coach between the years 2013 and 2014.

In 2012 Danny received a Junior Statesmanship award for his significant contribution to junior football and won the SMJFL Volunteer of the Year Award in 2014, as nominated by the Beaumaris Football Club.

There can be no more worthy recipient of the Beaumaris Football Club Life Membership than Danny Kelly.

Danny was inducted by Club President Terry Lucas and Juniors President Nicki Spencer and his Life Membership badge was pinned by fellow Life Members Ian Millar and Stephen Nash.

The full transcript of Danny's citation is available below.

Congratulations Danny.



This life membership tonight is awarded to a person who has provided exceptional time and effort to the Beaumaris Football Club. He has contributed in a significant fashion to both the juniors and seniors, and leaves a lifetime legacy at both. He has been involved with the football club for more than 20 years.

Most recently our newest inductee has been a apart of the senior arm of the club. He has served on the senior committee for a number of years and to this day, still assists the senior committee behind the scenes. He has offered and been responsible for the establishment, continued growth and maintenance of the clubs’ website and has done this for no charge, since its inception. He continues to deal with all website and email enquiries and has included a number of new things on the website at the direction of the committee. (Sponsor pages, Shark Net, more detailed history, links to BFCTV etc, which enable our community to gain an appreciation of our great community club.)

I have personally known him since I came to the club in 2005. Whilst our boys didn’t play together until the Under 19s in 2016, he was always a great sounding board for upcoming junior coaches. In 2016 he videoed a number of under 19s games for me so that we could provide visual feedback to the players. In my role as President this year and last, he has been instrumental in re-designing and re-creating the website – while some things are still a work in progress, the new website will provide the Club with a great platform to showcase our history, our club and our ability to retain, develop and attract players.

With his trusty sidekick Ian Millar they have diligently and lovingly photographed and scanned all our memorabilia so that nothing was lost in the transition to the new rooms. Together these two have recorded stats and edited video to provide feedback and development for our players and assist coaches.

His record as a junior coach speaks for itself, which Nicki will detail.  14 years of coaching, including quite a few where he did not coach his own child, in itself is worthy of Life Membership


I first met our life member when my eldest son started playing football, and harassed him over jumper numbers. He was kind and sympathetic to a person who had just lost her father suddenly, and wanted his legacy to continue through her children. At the time he was the coaching co coordinator. We have had many long discussions regarding football, and he continues to answer my emails in the wee hours of the morning!

His record is astounding through the juniors.

He began as Auskick Coordinator at Beaumaris from 1997-2000, when both his boys Travis and Drew were playing.

His coaching record for the juniors is outstanding:- it  includes 14 years of coaching and three Premierships.

  • Under 9s             -              1999, 2000, 2003 and 2004
  • Under 10s           -              2001
  • Under 11s           -              2002
  • Under 14s           -              2009 and then again in 2017
  • Under 15s           -              2006 (Div 1 Premiership) and 2013
  • Under 16s           -              2007 (Div 1 Premiership), 2014 and 2015
  • Under 17s           -              2012 (Div 1 Premiership)

He acted as the SMJFL’s Under 14 Interleague Coach between the years 2013 and 2014

He was asked and represented the Beaumaris Football Club on the SMJFL Player Retention Working Party at a time when player attrition was problematic across the league.

He was a part of junior committee for at least ten years 10 years between the period 1999 and 2012. His roles on Junior Committee included:

  • Property (Jumpers and Equipment). Danny set up jumper numbering system for record keeping and retention purposes, a version still being used today.
  • Coaching Coordinator
  • In addition Danny  and managed a computer program that recorded each players history and
  • games records (used by club until Sportingpulse came into existence). Definitely should have copy writed it.

He received a Junior Statesmanship award in 2012 for his significant contribution to junior football and was nominated and won the SMJFL Volunteer of the Year Award 2014, as nominated by the Beaumaris Football Club

It gives me great pleasure in awarding and recognizing Danny Kelly as the clubs newest life member.