Juniors Family Night

Tonight would have been our annual 'Juniors Family Night' to celebrate the start of our Juniors season on Sunday. Because there obviously won't be one, Juniors President Nicki Spencer has written a message for all parents, players & supporters:

"To mark what would have been our annual Family night, we have put together a collection of shots from evenings past.

Our family night has always been an opportunity to gather together to mark the beginning of the Season. As we live in extraordinary times at the moment, our family night will be based on memories of fun times had in the past.

We are not alone when we say we miss it….the crazy lines to try on merchandise, the smell and taste of a sausage in bread, a drink of choice to quench our thirst, but most of all the joy shown by our sharks as they kick the footy on Banksia Reserve with their mates, in anticipation of the first bounce on and siren on Sunday.

These are all things we look forward to, once it is healthy and safe to do so, and with our continued support of social distancing and doing the right thing, we will do this again.

Tonight I challenge our Shark players to provide us with some photos of preparation for Season 2020…..they can be of training you are doing at home, pictures of yourself in your sharks gear with family, friends or pets….the photo that captures our heart will win a new sharks hoodie."

Please submit your photos by no later than Midday, Sunday 19th April 2020 to Peter Caswell, our Communications Manager, at caswell1@bigpond.com.