Rd 6 - Sharks back in the hunt

Beaumaris is back on the winners’ list following a sterling come-from-behind victory against Ajax.

The Sharks faced a 27-point half time deficit before a second half revival notched up the club’s fourth win of the season.

Jonno Nash said the team's ability to pick itself up from the canvas highlighted the spirit of the senior outfit.  

"We felt we were always the better team but struggled to reverse Ajax's momentum in the first half," Nash said.

"We had to finetune our mindset. I think we went into the game thinking we had already earnt the four points. Fortunately we rolled our sleeves up in the third to give ourselves the opportunity to overrun them in the final quarter.

"It was a great way to celebrate Michael de Fontennay's 200th match. We were encouraged to play like him, rather than for him, which emboldened us to dig deep and get over the line."

But wasteful opportunities in the third quarter - the Sharks kicked 3.5 and held the Jackas goalless - kept the door ajar for an upset win for the home side.

Ajax booted the first goal of the fourth, but, thanks to the hard-nosed efforts of Rob Cathcart, the Sharks rallied for a spirited 17-point win.

"You cherish these wins. It came from hard work in the end and proved that we can't be complacent," he said.

"I'd say that was our undoing against Caulfield. We have a tough couple of weeks ahead applying the competition leaders - Old Carey and St Bernards, so we'll have the hunter mentality, which brings out the best in us."

The reserves remain undefeated after downing Ajax by 45 points.

Towering forward Sam Gibbons had 11 shots on goal for a four-goal return, as James Taylor was acknowledged as best afield.

Both teams take on B-grade leaders Old Carey at Banksia Reserve on Saturday.