Beaumaris Community Bank Offer

The Community Bank Beaumaris (aka Bendigo Bank) and the BFC have a long-standing partnership and supporting the Sharks members has always been a priority for the team at Community Bank Beaumaris.

Recently, the Committee at the BFC and the Beaumaris Branch team successfully agreed to a referral program that is now in place – this means that not only can any club member of Beaumaris Football Club take out a home loan at a great rate and with great options like fixed rates and offset, but BFC will also receive referral funds!

As an example – if a member takes out a $280,000 loan, the Club will receive $506, and the higher the loan amount, the higher the referral benefit is!

Pop into the branch at 32 East Concourse Beaumaris, and talk to Alexandria and her team, call 9589 5366, or email

Mention you are a BFC player, parent, sponsor or member as part of your discussions and the Branch team can link your query to the referral agreement. It's all done anonymously.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Branch team or Club President Terry Lucas.

Fins up – Go Sharks!

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