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  Year Video Description
2022 A Tribute To Our Sterling Six This video tribute was played to the large gathering at the 2022 Best & Fairest night (22/9/22). The Six retiring players concerned, Michael DeFontenay, Nick Loucaides, Rob Cathcart, Scott Gower, Matt Petering and Sean Coote were feted by the crowd & also took lead roles in a ceremony where they presented their guernsey number to their chosen successors.
2019 Sean Coote's 300th Game This 1hr & 43minutes of footage is a record of Sean Coote's 300th Senior Game for the BFC which occured in Round 3 of the 2019 Premier B Reserves' season. Their opponents that day were the Old Haileyburians. 'COOTY-CAM' follows the Great Man through the entire match as he shows his wide ranging repertoire of skills. For the record; BFC defeated Old Haileyburians 11.12 (78) to 6.4 (40) Best for Beauy were Daniel Keating, Jared Evans, Sean Doherty, James Davidson & SEAN COOTE. Goalkickers: J.Davidson 3, J.Evans 1, S.Doherty 1, H.Edwards 1, J.Nardino 1, L.Martin 1, M.Hall 1, L.Brodie 1 & S.COOTE 1.
2015 TIM PRITCHARD COPS IT BFC's Tim Pritchard is dealt with by St.Bernards' Captain after the ball leaves the area. BFC President John Murton dealt quietly & directly with St.Bernards' President & gained an apology
2014 WINNERS ARE GRINNERS BFC Song after a 2014 Rnd 15 win over Old Trinity - Wizard Wes gets Very Wet.
2013 SENIOR & JUNIOR PRESIDENTS Senior President Ron Buller & Junior President Graeme Scott engage in a wide ranging discussion of the Club; it's past, it's present & their hopes for it's future.
2012 INTERVIEW WITH A 'MONSTER' - Gerry Callahan - Pt.1 Part 1 of a night of tall tales & true from 1977 Premiership Coach, Gerry Callahan at his Beaumaris home in 2012. Also in attendance were his Premiership winning Captain Mick Shaw & team mate Reg 'The Juggler' Richter.
2012 INTERVIEW WITH A 'MONSTER' - Gerry Callahan - Pt.2 Part 2 of a night of tall tales & true from 1977 Premiership Coach, Gerry Callahan at his Beaumaris home in 2012. Also in attendance were his Premiership winning Captain Mick Shaw & team mate Reg 'The Juggler' Richter.
2012 THE McNICHOLAS FAMILY The McNicholas family reminisce about the early & middle years of the BFC and their part in it
2012 MURRAY PITTS - Interview The 2003 Premiership Captain talks of his years with the BFC. A number of good judges around the Club consider Murray the best player to ever have pulled on the blue & gold guernsey
2012 THE NICHOLSON BROTHERS The Nicholson brothers talk of the Club's early years, the highs & lows, and their continuing association with the BFC
2012 BFC 50th ANNIVERSARY DINNER The original raw video footage recording our 50th Anniversary Dinner which was held at the Crown Palladium on Saturday 23rd of June 2012. Some highlights of the night are a presentation to & talk from the BFC's inaugural President Peter Eldred (commencing at about the 36 minute mark) Following him, the 1965 Premiership Captain Bruce Smith. A tribute to Mick Kirkby at 54m35s. A tribute and presentation to Gwen McLeod at 1hr25m, VFL/AFL players at 1hr30m and the Team of the Decade presentation at 2hrs12m.
2012 JOHN LOLAS John has had a long history with the BFC. He was one of the original players at Beaumaris Football Club as a 17 year old in 1963 and was a member of the Club's first Premiership side in 1965 and coached at the Club in the 1970s & 1980s. Listen to his amazing story which is intertwined with our Club's history.
2012 EDMUND KING The son of legendary long serving President Ted King, Edmund King, takes us on a great ride through the BFC's and Banksia Reserve's storied history. This is history!
2012 BRAYDEN HAYNES In 2012, our 2003 Premiership player and 2010 Premiership Captain Brayden Haynes spoke of his love of the Club, his joy of playing, of those he's played with, and his very bright hopes for the Club's future.
2012 JASON MIFSUD Coach Jason Mifsud discusses how he came to be at the BFC, his thoughts on the Club's culture and, particularly, the thrill he gained from coaching to the 2010 Premiership. Jason coached the Club from 2008 to 2013 and oversaw & drove the club's rise from C to A grade.
2012 BRETT MARCHANT Brett's wide ranging discussion of his time coaching the club to the 1997 & 2003 Premierships. Of course his 'other' life at St.Bedes/Mentone Tigers has resulted in the 'Brett Marchant Cup' being available to the winning club whenever and wherever our two Clubs meet
2012 ANDY EASTON Andy Easton spends some time talking about his arrival at the Club and times and experiences as 1995 & 1997 Senior Premiership Captain under the coaches Garry Nicholson & Brett Marchant
2011 MICHAEL WILSON'S KNEE RECONSTRUCTION WARNING - Graphic Surgical Procedures. Go inside 'Willow's' left knee as the surgeon probes, cuts, drills and scours during his ACL reconstruction.
2011 MARK 'DOUGIE' ENSOR Mark Ensor gets hit by some 'Friendly Fire' in the form of Jackson Leigh - 2011 Season v Caulfield Grammarians
1985 Final Minutes - 1985 Reserves GF & the aftermath Beaumaris' Reserves team, coached by Kevin 'Kanga' Cairns, defeated Noble Park in a spiteful 1985 Grand Final. A classic example of alcohol fuelled Suburban Football (1980's style) when the spectators often got plenty of exercise - after the game. See how many you can identify in the after match melee.