VAFA and the SMJFL, along with other Leagues, have issued a joint statement officially announcing the end of the 2021 season.

For a number of teams in both our Seniors and Juniors this will be incredibly disappointing with a number of premierships within striking distance.

The Club would like to offer its thanks to all the Coaches, Team Managers and volunteers who put so much work into season 2021.

Special mention to the two management committees who devoted many hours of hard work and sacrifice. Also our valued Sponsors and Player Sponsors. We couldn't exist with you.

Extra special mention to all our players spread across 42 teams, which as a collective makes the Beaumaris Football Club one of the biggest in Australia. Something we can all be proud of.

Every player has made a contribution from Under 8s to Seniors.

We will advise what protocols will have to be followed to ensure we have B&F presentations for all teams. This will be determined when we can actually do those events.

After the non event season of 2020, the club had hoped for a clear run this season, but despite getting close, it wasn't to be. This has impacted normal revenue streams, which are vital to the successful running of any football club.

We will be annoucing a major 'Club Raffle' within the next couple of days, which will run through to December. We hope this will help offset shortfalls in other areas of the club business, specifically Clubroom revenue. (Match Day, Shark of the Month, Past Players events, Milestones etc)

Importantly, we know that season 2022 is only 6 months away. We will remain focused on what lies ahead the challenges before us.  

The Beauy Sharks are incredible union of players and families. We stick together! 


Fins Up & GO Sharks!

CLICK HERE for the Joint Statemant

CLICK HERE for the VAFA statement